BridgeBurma is a non-profit edutech platform striving for youth in Myanmar to have quality education and career opportunities.

Your $12 could make a difference in a Myanmar youth’s future. The money will go to the students’ TOEFL, IELTS, GED or University Application fees. Let’s make a difference together.

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TOEFL Registration Fees
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GED Diploma Registration Fees

Please note that Burmese students have to pay x3 times the actual cost due to severly high exchange rates. The calculated cost is per student rate. The values stated above may change over time.

What are people saying?

Initially, I was really confused and lost on what to choices, application processes and extracurriculars, and the list goes on. But after a ton of support and insight advices from open of the founders, I can now confidently make decisions on what I should do.

Kyaw Min Oo

The founders seem to be fully commited in developing the platform. Plus, they are current students who are studying abroad. So, they can give advice what to do through their experience. Connecting people through forums is a nice idea as people can know information they want to know directly.

Hsu Htet Htet Aung

The unique experience of BridgeBurma's team breaking into competitive international universities coupled with their drive to help young students to achieve the same makes the platform the go-to choice to navigate university options and get the help needed to succeed.

Max Langer

Frequently Asked Questions

BridgeBurma is a non-profit edutech platform striving for youth in Myanmar to have quality education and career opportunities. It is founded in 2018 by a group of students studying abroad to pay back to their country.

Every quarter, we conduct rigorous selection process to give out scholarship to youth in Myanmar who struggle financially but are talented. Once scholarships are given out, we would release the details in our BB newsletter.

Unfortuantely, BridgeBurma is not officially registered as an organization in the United States so the donation won’t be tax deductible.

Please email the donation details to

Yes we do accept employer matching gifts but as BridgeBurma is not officially registered as non-profit in US, we would have to collaborate with a registered organization to match. If you have an interest, please email us at

Yes, please reach out to

Please email


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